Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha (TBMSG) is a charitable organization committed to uplifting downtrodden and disadvantaged communities in India. Our aim is to achieve this through holistic education, women and child empowerment, dignified livelihoods, raising awareness about gender discrimination, and training young community leaders in 26 states of India. Additionally, we offer effective methods for psychological and emotional well-being.

During the initial years, the Trust placed a strong emphasis on women empowerment by offering reading and writing skills and training them in income-generating activities, thereby enhancing their lives. Kindergartens and study classes have been established to provide children with basic knowledge and boost their confidence in education. These initiatives have been implemented in five slums in Pune, as well as in Nashik, Mumbai, Amravati, Wardha, Agra, and Modinagar. The medical project at Jeevak not only provides health treatment but also raises awareness about health issues. Furthermore, the “Street play” initiative has been actively raising awareness among slum and rural dwellers about the factors that contribute to their poverty and blind faith. Street plays have proven to be an effective method for connecting with people’s hearts.

Apart from that, we have also established 17 hostels in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat to provide accommodation and educational facilities to girls and boys who come from remote and rural areas. These beneficiaries have been deeply affected by caste- and tradition-based practices that are prevalent in society and even within their own families.

To break the chains of unemployment, school dropouts, caste, and gender-based discrimination, TBMSG has implemented the following projects in India:

  • 8 residential educational projects (Vishrantwadi Pune, Lohagaon Pune, Ulhas Nagar Mumbai, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Amravati, Wardha, and Nagpur).
  • Women and Children Empowerment (Jeevak Pune)
  • Sustainable and dignified livelihood programs (Jeevak Pune)
  • Medical Project at Jeevak Pune
  • Three residential training centers (Bordharan, Bhaje, Tale)
  • Nagloka Training Institute (Nagpur)

Through these projects, thousands of beneficiaries have gained access to education, which was once a rare opportunity for children. These activities have also, empowered young people and women to acquire dignified livelihood skills, resulting in many beneficiaries starting their own businesses or securing jobs in the private sector. Furthermore, children, women, and youths have developed resilience to confront and overcome gender and caste discrimination.