Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar competitive exam coaching center Dapodi, Pune

The TBMSG trust established the Dr. Babsaheb Ambedkar Competitive Exam Coaching Center in 2001 in Dapodi, Pune, Maharashtra, to address the needs of the most disadvantaged and backward-class young graduates trapped in poverty. For these students, competitive exams were the only chance to improve their situation. However, the trust observed that these students lacked sufficient books and references for preparation, as well as guidance and motivation. Furthermore, they lacked a suitable place to study. Due to their impoverished backgrounds, they could not afford the fees for competitive exam classes, which are essential for success.

These difficult circumstances result in a bleak future for these students, despite their abilities to pass exams and secure government jobs. Recognizing these challenges, the TBMSG trust decided to establish a competitive coaching center, initially with the generous support of Karuna Trust U.K. from 2001 to 2012, and since 2012 to the present, with support from BARTI Social Welfare Department for Social Justice Maharashtra.

The coaching center offers ample study space, a well-equipped library, free coaching for various subjects, Wi-Fi facility, computers, separate study tables and chairs, a garden-facing environment, clean water supply, proper sanitation, and access to 8000 books.

Additionally, we provide 3 types of newspapers, 14 different magazines, digital boards, projectors, and a Rs. 6000 stipend to each student. We have also provided free books sets to the students, costing Rs. 9000, for their own benefit. Furthermore, we set up an entrance exam and provide a chance to practice solving question papers from previous years. Test series, various workshops, motivational sessions, and guest lectures have also been organised. A spacious meditation hall with proper amenities is available for those interested, and cameras have been installed for security, with a watchman appointed.

As a result, 1680 students have been enrolled in the project, and out of these, 432 young students have passed the Exam and joined government jobs across Maharashtra and outside. This sustainable livelihood not only provides financial security but also fills them with confidence and self-dignity. Wherever we go, we find our students excelling in various departments. We can proudly say that 432 families enabled to brake the chain of poverty. which positively influence next generation.