Bahujan Hitay Boys Hostel, Bhimnagar, Wardha

Enabling the most marginalized children to access quality education and prospects for a better future, plus other related objectives from SDGs, Indian Government policy and T.B.M.S.G. Policy

Bahujan Hitay Boys’ hostel Wardha was started in 1986. It is registered and run by TBMSG, a registered organization. TBMSG serves downtrodden people of the society and provides facilities and services in the field of education, health, sports cultural activities, The trusts mission is to provide equal opportunities and services for the comprehensive development of our beneficiaries from rural area of Maharashtra state. 5th class to 10th  standard SC ST OBC NT VJNT SBC student.   


Bahujan Hitay Educational Project, Wardha. This project works for child education development, health care. The target groups are the SC, ST, OBC, VJ/NT, SBC children of 10-to-18-year age group from poor families of the Wardha and Yewatmal (Kalamb & Ralegaon Tahsil) District.

Due to many reasons, including social, economic situation, Domestic Violence situations, Gender discrimination, child labor, School facility not at Village, Transportation:  The project aims to promote education for the poor children.

Project will conduct various activities and workshop for 70 student beneficiaries to receive quality education. The projects improve the quality education for children.  Promoting health and healthy practices among the rural children is also a part of the project.

Wardha Project emphasis is placed on the involvement of staff, parents, children and community as partners in project with the belief that all children can learn at high levels and that they can reach their intellectual and social potential. Students are prepared to be successful and productive human being for give back to society.

Inherent in projects mission is the development of the whole students through various activities that develop academic and life skill.

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Bahujan Hitaya Boys Hostel, Wardha
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