Bahujan Hitaya Boys Hostel, Aurangabad

Enabling the most marginalized children to access quality education and prospects for a better future, plus other related objectives from SDGs, Indian Government policy and T.B.M.S.G. Policy

Trailokya Buddha Mahasangh Sahayak Gan (TBMSG) has been working in India since 1978 to improve various aspects of society. We focus on social and cultural projects, sewing classes, adult literacy classes, competitive exam training, and running a training center.

One of our significant achievements was the establishment of the Bahujan Hitay Boys Hostel in Aurangabad in 1984. This hostel supports marginalized students from rural areas in Aurangabad, Jalana, and Beed districts. It provides assistance in education, health, and personal development. So far, 1,200 students have benefited from this project and now lead dignified lives.

These students have made remarkable progress. Many of them are contributing to their families and society by engaging in social work, pursuing jobs or businesses, and serving as Doctors, Engineers, Social leaders, and Teachers. They are actively giving back to society and making a positive impact.

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Bahujan Hitaya Boys Hostel, Aurangabad
Bhimnagar Bahvsinghpura, Aurangabad. 431002

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Project Leader: Dhammachari Adityakumar

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