The Jeevak project recognizes the urgent need to support women who depend entirely on men for their little financial needs, despite shouldering the responsibilities of being a homemaker, managing household chores, cooking, raising children, and attending to relatives, among other tasks. Unfortunately, this work does not generate income, resulting in a lack of recognition for their hard work. This financial dependency not only affects their economic situation but also undermines their personality, leading to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. These women are greatly victimized by poverty and the patriarchal system, which deeply influences their decision-making abilities. In addition to this, these women belong to the backward class, are mostly illiterate, and engage in traditional and caste-based occupations. The men in their families are also illiterate, and their labor work does not generate sufficient income to meet the family’s needs.To address this situation and support these families, women should generate income that fills them with confidence. The Jeevak project initially addressed the drastic needs of women living in the Dapodi and Pimpri Chinchwad areas. The livelihood project for women was started in 1995, focusing on youth and young women.

Over the past decade, we offered training in various courses such as electronic gadget repair, jewelry making, designing mehendi on the bride and groom’s palms during marriage ceremonies, computer training, and sewing classes. Furthermore, we have started the night literacy classes for these women. We have trained these women in these courses and helped them secure corporate jobs or become self-employed. The outcome of the project is that women are now earning and contributing to their families, similar to men. Their confidence and self-esteem have significantly risen, and they have developed the resilience to face any type of discrimination at work or at home. Some women have even showcased their leadership qualities and led awareness sessions to encourage other women to join the stream that TBMSG trust embark on.