Saddhamma Pradip Meditation Retreat Center, Bhaje

Mind training through meditation and cast and gender awareness training based on Buddha and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar teaching.

The Saddhamma Pradip Meditation Center established in 26th January,1992 that, located near the fascinating Buddhist cave at Bhaje. It is situated at the foot of the caves, surrounded by mountains, greenery  and waterfalls, creating a naturally beautiful and serene environment. The center is also a place of pilgrimage, with the Lohagarh fort located at the top. Visitors can enjoy trekking and witness the place’s unique beauty during the rainy season.

Our retreat center situated in the midst of nature’s splendor, and it features a beautiful Stupa, symbolizing meditation and enlightenment. The Stupa can accommodate up to 200 participants and includes 6 residential buildings, separated for men and women. Additionally, we have a well-equipped dining area and kitchen with comfortable tables, chairs, and all the necessary equipment.
At our center, we host residential meditation retreats suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Throughout the year, we organize 12 retreats focusing on meditation, study, training, and workshops. While there is a minimum charge for food and accommodation, we also provide free services for those who are unable to afford it. Thousand of people who were in the depressive mentle state through practise changed into positive mentle state. It was a great contribution in making positive community towards the nation.

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Saddhamma Pradip Meditation Center,
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