TBMSG Pune activities reporting form:

  • This form is to be filled by authorised person only.
  • To be filled after every activities.
  • Enter the senders name and valid email address. Once filled the form the same report will be emailed in this address.
  • Enter the title of the report, the same will be the tittle of the web page.
  • Do not use long sentences for the title. Keep it in limited words max 5 to 6 words if possible.
  • Select appropriate categories of the activities. You can select multiple if required.
  • Select the date on which the activity happened. If it is on multiple dates, select the last date. Mention multiple dates in the report content.
  • Write the content mentioning the activity reports:
    • Type of activities
    • Lead by, Supported by
    • Main points of the activities – Why, Where, Whom, When, etc
    • Location
    • Outcome, conclusion beneficiaries, etc.
  • Add three action photos of the activities. If banner or poster is available add that too.
  • For any queries regarding filling the form, please contact: Nagasambhav (96891 23465)

    Report By
    Email of the sender:

    Title :

    Activity Date:

    Outcome / Conclusion (Optional):

    Please add images of the activities (include banner if available): (File size below 4mb in JPG|JPEG|PNG format only):
    Image 1:
    Image 2:
    Image 3: