The Jeevak project is situated in the vicinity of the Dapodi slum and maintains close connections with other slum dwellers through our social activities. We have been visiting their homes and witnessing their unhygienic living conditions, which include water ponds and unpleasant odours in the surroundings. These conditions have had a negative impact on their health. Additionally, we have observed that they are strongly attached to traditional beliefs about health and food, which has resulted in a lack of awareness about proper nutrition. Consequently, many of them, especially the children, suffer from malnutrition. Furthermore, we have identified multiple health issues among them, but they are unaware of where to seek advice or whom to approach for help. And they could not afford the medical expenses. Therefore, the death rate is even higher than for normal people.

Considering this situation, the Jeevak project has started a medical initiative for these slum dwellers. The project has appointed a doctor certified by the Medical Council of India, along with a nurse and a ward boy. We have also set up a well-equipped clinic. The project was initiated in 1997, and since then, the TBMSG Trust has been providing services to marginalized and poverty-stricken people. The trust offers free treatment and medication facilities. Furthermore, we have established a network with the government’s primary health center, allowing them to use our clinic to provide polio vaccinations to children. We have also raised awareness about healthy living, nutrition, and clean drinking water, as well as educated pregnant women about proper care. Through this activity, many people have benefited from the medical project. As we are offering the medical services from the decade now we have improved the level of medical treatment